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About Sam Proctor Therapy


I've run a mobile business in and around Sussex, whilst working as a referral therapist alongside doctors at one of the south's leading chiropractic centres.​ I've worked as a personal trainer within one of Brighton's top gyms and personal training studio.​ My enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge within this industry still grows, leading me to study a degree in Sports Therapy, and a practitioner of breathe work. 

Combining Deep Tissue Massage, Spinal Manipulations, Exercise  and Muscle Release techniques to eliminate crushing pain, whilst helping you move, perform & feel better in sport and every day life.

When it comes to pain, your health can deteriorate if left unmanaged.

Something I stand by is, the progression of care for yourself physically as well as mentally.

The journey for success starts from within. You don’t need to make huge changes, just make a handful of little ones.

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Feedback & Reviews

Don't listen to me, listen to them

After sustaining a bad leg injury 3 years ago my fitness and running had really come to a halt. I was recommended to see Sam and that's when things rapidly changed for the better. I am now a few sessions deep and have never felt better. I am back to running without pain. I have also noticed that my legs feel a lot better in day to day life. I would not have achieved this without Sam's work and advice.
My only regret is that I didn't find Sam sooner as I wouldn't have spent money on fancy insoles and gimmicks.


So good.
Soooooooo good.

I’ve never had a chap massage therapist before so had a couple of small qualms to start.

What do I wear?!
Can I really be arsed to shave my legs?!
Will it be massively painful after the delicate lady massages of previous years?!

I need not have worried.

Sam is a tall, gentle soul with iron thumbs that, whilst he’s not afraid to use them, never go above your pain threshold.
And he listens to what you and your body tell him. Extremely knowledgeable. Extremely good.

Friendly, professional and awesome.

Totally recommend.


Sam is amazing at what he does. Before he starts treating you, he asks lots of questions and listens carefully to what you say. You really get the feeling that he cares about getting to the root issue and not just treating secondary problems. I honestly have never had a better sports massage and he has improved or solved pains and tensions that no one has been able to fully resolve before. Not only is he an excellent practitioner but he is also a great person who genuinely cares about his clients and the treatments that he gives.


I thought I was at the age where running would stop due to pain. Meeting Sam has proven otherwise. I'm thrilled to say I'm still running strong and pain free.
Sam is professional, knowledgeable and really listens to your needs.


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